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Each Bath includes:

  1. Coconut Clean or Hypoallergenic Shampoo
  2. Blow Dry
  3. Brush Out
  4. Nails Trimmed
  5. Ears Cleaned
  6. Pads Shaved (if requested)
  7. Sanitary Trim (if requested)
  8. Bow or Bandana
  9. Cologne
jasa grooming panggilan
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Touch Up Groom
In-between trim which can include face, feet, sanitary, feathers, belly, tail, and ears.

Complete Groom
Full haircut which includes the cut of your choice

*Both of our groom packages include everything in the Bathing Package

Add-On Services

  1. Specialty Shampoos Including: Oatmeal, Medicated, De-Greaser, Deodorize, Brightening
  2. Specialty Conditioners Including: Oatmeal Creme Rinse, Plum Silky, Remoisturizing Conditioner
  3. Flea Treatment
  4. FURminator Shed-less Package
  5. Blueberry Spa Package
  6. Oral Cleansing System
  7. Nail Grinding & Polish
  8. Temporary Color and Tattoos
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Oral Cleansing System

Have your dog’s teeth cleaned to help get rid of bad breath, plaque, and tartar build up!

Try Our Oral Cleansing System from PlaqClnz!

PlaqClnz is a Zinc-based oral health care system that treats and helps prevent bad breath, plaque, tartar, and gingivitis.

As an authorized PlaqClnz Groomer, we will use the PlaqClnz spray and gel along with the Oral Irrigator to quicly clean and freshen your pet’s mouth in a three-step process:

  1. Pre-treat pet’s mouth with PlaqClnz Spray at check in
  2. After 30 minutes, irrigate the pet’s mouth with the PlaqClnz Oral Irrigator
  3. Post-treat pet’s mouth with PlaqClnz Gel
Daily treatment at home with PlaqClnz Gel or Spray will continue the oral cleansing process and maintain your pet’s health.

Cat Grooming

Help your feline friend stay happy and healthy with a bath that includes a premium shampoo specially formulated for cats. Bath Includes:

  1. Specially formulated shampoo
  2. Blow Dry
  3. Nail Trim
  4. Ears Cleaned
  5. Brush Out

We also offer:

  1. Flea Baths
  2. Shed-Less Baths
  3. Haircuts
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Splash ‘N Dash

Each Splash ‘N Dash includes:
  1. Bath
  2. Towel Dry
  3. Ears Cleaned
  4. Nails Clipped
  5. Cologne
Possible Add-Ons:
  1. Nail Grinding
  2. Oral Gel with Breath Freshener
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